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Plant employees walking and talking

Safety and Health

At Air Products, safety is our top priority. It is a moral obligation, a condition of employment, and is fundamental to our goal of being the safest, most diverse and most profitable industrial gas company in the world, providing excellent service to our customers.

Safety is part of our culture. We all care about safety and are driving towards our goal of zero accidents. Year-on-year, we strive to incrementally improve safety at all our sites to benefit our colleagues and the communities in which we operate. We take the approach that all accidents are preventable. The only acceptable goal is zero accidents. We will strive toward that goal in every location, every day.

Our progress and high level of effectiveness in the field of security has been made possible thanks to our vast experience and global policies and systems that require accountability and leadership. Our approach to environmental protection and sustainable development is based on strict adherence to safety principles.

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